Board Meetings

NevAEYC Board Members meet at the Mt. Charleston Resort in southern Nevada on February 4th, 2016.

NevAEYC Board Members meet during the annual retreat in Southern Nevada.

The Nevada Association for the Education of Young Children (NevAEYC) convenes for board meetings approximately every other month. Board members vote on decisions regarding the organization.  A quorum or a simple majority of board representatives must be in attendance in order for the meeting to be considered legal. During board meetings, the secretary records all discussion and actions taken by the board. These recordings are organized in our board minutes. In an effort to ensure the transparency of our organization, our meeting minutes are publicly posted on our website for our members and the general public.

2021 Board Meeting Dates   The board meets virtually via phone and computer. 

January 29, 2021             March 15, 2021           May 17, 2020

September – TBD        November 15, 2021

Previous Board Meeting Minutes:

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